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Looking for an Rubbish Removal In Dublin, but you don’t want to hassle of hiring and having to fill a skip? Target Skips now have the solution for you.

We can offer a “Single item waste collection” service. This is a new service offered by us and has been a great advantage for our customers  when they have a few items they need removed but not enough to fill a metal skip. 

We can also now provide a “man and a truck” waste removal service in Dublin & Meath. This is fill on the spot waste removal service where all waste is removed at one time , usually takes 30-60mins depending on the quanity of waste. Perfect for when you can’t have a skip delivered at your property due to restrictions or even when you are looking for a quick waste removal service without the need of filling a skip.

Waste Removal Dublin Prices can vary depending on the amount of waste you have and your location. For the most competitive rubbish removal price please email us a short description/photo of what you need collected and our team will be back to you shortly.

Single Item Waste Removal Guide

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