Skip Hire Dublin Size Guide

A rough idea of the amount of junk you need to dispose of, and the price that suits your budget, will help you make better decisions when getting a skip hire in dublin. There is however one area of knowledge, which if you want to hire a skip service, can be really easy as well as cost effective.

The following are the standard types of skips that Target Skip Hire Dublin provide. Not only do dimensions separate them but also a certain purpose befits each of these sizes that make these insights really strong and useful.

The Mini Skip Hire

This is called mini in relation to other kinds. Available in a standard size of 0.76m in height and 1.22 m in length, this carries a capacity of 25-35 bin bags. Not at all the usual rendition of mini that is found in candy bars. The mini skip is ideal for home usage when there is a small one off clean-up project like clearing the attic or the kitchen.

The Midi Skip Hire

Popular in Dublin like the rest of the country, the midi skip is 0.97m tall and 1.83m long with a 30-40 bags capacity. This is great for maintenance and repair jobs at homes or small shops or offices as well as for kitchen or bathroom fixings. This is the most commonly used skip size for home jobs.The Builder  Skip Hire Dublin

For a house construction or larger maintenance, the builder size is a great skip hire. Known commonly across the country to be the actual size of a skip, this is perfect for sand or gravel waste to be put in. It is 1.2m tall and 2.6m long with a capacity of 50-60 black bags of trash that makes it sufficient for the purposes shared. Because of these qualities, builder skips are often confused for large skips. However, they have a different specification.

The Large Skip Hire

Large skips are made for bulky items of waste. This comes from commercial construction or renovation projects that produce a fair quantity of waste. Large skips have a capacity of 120-140 black bags worth of waste. These skips measure 1.8m tall and 4.15m long. They also serve the purpose of a full house clear out or renovation waste disposal.

The Roll-On, Roll-Off  Skip Hire

Suitable for a full house demolition or construction site waste, the roll-on, roll-off skip is usually found in dimensions of 2.1m height and 6.09m length. This massive size skip is attached to carrying truckSkip Hire Dublins with wheels beneath them. Supported with a crane these are rolled off and on to the truck accordingly.

From these skip hire sizes, Target Skip Hire Dublin offers variants in different sizes to accommodate the variety of jobs for Skip hire that people in the country can demand. Target Skip Hire is well known skip hire dublin company and with its range of waste skips they help you find the right one that you need. They are in service since 1989 and know their customers and the changing needs that occur from time to time.

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