Hire A Skip Dublin

How much does it cost to hire a Skip in Dublin?

Skip Hire In Dublin can vary depending on the skip you require ,

Mini Skip Hire Dublin  from €125

Midi Skip Hire Dublin from €175

Standard Skip Hire Dublin from €285

Maxi Skip Hire Dublin from €340

Industrial 14Yard Skip Hire from €430

What can you put in a Skip in Dublin?

You may put any general bulky waste /Green waste/Construction Waste into the skip that you hire .

Rubble – Stone – Soil cannot be mixed with any other waste type in our skips

Mattress are also charged at an extra disposal Fee of €15 each

What can’t you put in a Skip in Dublin?

The following are items that are not allowed to be disposed of in our general skips.Fridges or freezers

Fluorescent tubes
Old paint cans – even if empty
Gas Cylinders or any other type of pressurised container
Petrol, diesel or oil contaminated waste
Chemical waste such as insecticides, medicines, herbicides, white spirits, etc.

How high can you fill a Skip?

You may fill the skip as high as the top of the sides of the skip. We cannot accept overloaded skips .This is to ensure that the skip is safe for transportation on the public road.

Do Skips damage Diveways?

Our drivers are trained to a high standard so if you have a skip delivered on your driveway there will be no damaged caused by the skip . Its important not to move the skip from where the driver has left it as this may cause issues when the skip needs to be collected.

Can Skips be lifted over a wall?

All our trucks are capable of lifting skips over walls/fencing but there are some restrictions , max height that our skips can be delivered over a wall is 3 feet . Its important to note if there are overhead power cables or trees it is not always possible to drop the skip over a wall/fence.


How much room does a skiptruck need for dropping a Skip?

For our skiptruck’s to deliver you a Skip safely in Dublin our drivers  require 12 feet in width for ease of dropping a skip safely and not causing any damage .

Do I need to be home for a Skip Delivery?

The answer is no , once our driver has access there’s no need for you to be at the property when the skip is delivered.

What are the different Skip Hire Sizes?

Skips are available in a wide range of Skip Hire sizes and prices, we have Skips for hire for all size jobs and budgets, View our Skip Hire Dublin prices.

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