Cheap Skip Hire Dublin

Looking for a cheap skip hire in Dublin can be a difficult task . With skip hire prices on the market starting from €130 there’s a lot to consider before booking your skip!

Our Team of Skip Hire experts have drafted together a short list of do’s and don’ts while looking for cheap skip hire in dublin.

5 tips on choosing the perfect Skip Hire company

1.Get a Skip Hire company based near you 

Many people don’t normally look at where the skip hire company is based before ordering a skip. If you get a company based near your area there normally is not an additional delivery charge, but if you end up choosing a skip hire company far away from you they are likely to add a extra delivery fee onto the skip price.

2.How long do you really need skip?

When ordering a skip hire service in the Dublin area , most companies give a skip hire price based on a week hire period. If you are looking to cut the cost on the skip price only hire the skip for 1-2 days instead of the normal 7day period and you may get a reduction in the cost.

3.Cheapest is always the best option

Calling around several skip hire companies looking for the cheapest skip hire price may seem like a good idea at the start ,but the cheapest company may not also be the most reliable. It may be better to pay a extra €10 knowing your skip will be delivered and collected on time from a reliable Skip Hire company. Nobody likes a full skip left in there garden attracting unwanted attention!

4.Plan what you need to get rid of before ordering a skip

A lot of people tend to not realize how ,much waste they actually have until they start to fill the skip. Its better to plan ahead and gather all the waste into a pile and see exactly what size skip you need , if in doubt always hire a bigger skip. 

5.Reduce skip waste,recycle and save money

Instead of throwing everything into the skip , think about donating some of your unwanted items to a local charity shop as or online website. Your old junk may be another’s person treasure , and by giving away some items you may not need such a big skip saving you money!

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