7 Amazing Uses of Skips Dublin Other Than Storing Waste

skips dublinWe all know what skips are for. They are convenient and large containers that we hire to store things we don’t need any more or for cleaning large amount of dirt and waste from our homes as a result of any work or festivities around the house. However, what we don’t know is that there are several other uses of skips Dublin as well. With a little creativity and imagination, people around the world use skips in some of the most fun ways.

Allow us to list down some amazing uses of skips:

1.   Small Stage:

You could need a small stage for many reasons. It could be to hold a backyard singing competition, a little entertaining performance, an impromptu speech, for a small play or for any of the reasons.  However, it is not easy or cheap to acquire a small stage, especially if you are a student who is running short on cash. A great makeshift stage can be made with skips.

2.   Skateboarding Ramp:

Some neighbourhoods are blessed with a skateboarding ramp in a park, others are not so lucky. The skateboarding kids of the latter neighbourhood do not need to lose heart. The skips in Dublin are a perfect skateboarding ramp and allows the skateboarders to hone their skills on wheels.

3.   Swimming Pool:

If summer heat gets to be too much for your body and you need to take a dip, then no need to look for pools in the neighbourhood. Just fill your skips with ice cold water and enjoy your very own swimming pool.

4.   A Tiny House:

You might be going camping or hosting a unique sort of sleepover. The skip bins can be used to make a tiny house for you and your friends and guests. Depending on the size of the skip, it can easily hold a lounger, carpet, a small TV, a lamp and a beanbag.

5.   Garden:

Gardening enthusiasts look for any surface to grow one more batch of their chillies and skips are perfect for the purpose. They are spacious, open, and can be turned into a beautiful garden bed.

6.   Ping-pong table:

Perhaps skips make better ping-pong table than a real ping-pong table itself. They are heavy and sturdy, so they stay in one place and allow the players to be as aggressive and rough as they can be without fearing that the table will fall over or be damaged.

7.   Boats:

Before you think how crazy this idea is, it has been tried by a large number of people, with the first one being a TV presenter in UK. The skips are light enough to float in water and spacious enough to hold a motor and two people at once.

It doesn’t matter what your purpose of hiring skips in Dublin is, but now you know what you can do once you are done using it for storage.

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