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Given that there are a lot of different size skip bag’s on the market , the best way for us to give you a quote is for you to send a photo of your full skip bag and location , then if you are happy to proceed our team will get your skip bag booked in for collection.

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skip bag collection dublin

Skip Bag Collection

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All About Skip Bags Dublin

Target skip hire dublin help you in collecting your waste and all other unwanted items, skip bags Dublin is just the extension of skip hire services. Don’t get confuse with the word ‘bag’ because skip bags are nothing like usual plastic bags that are used for grocery shopping and for the packing of different products. Skip bags are made of strong plastic which are designed to hold all that waste products that are intended to remove through skip services.

You can find skip bags on some of the large home accessory stores but it is better to get one from our skip hire website. Get a skip bag, fill it with discarded waste and call target skip hire dublin to collect it. Using skip bag is as easier as we mention it here.skip bag collection dublin

Skip bags usually come with two different capacities.

  • Regular skip bags have a volume of 1 cubic yard and can hold up to 1 ton of garden waste, household waste and general building rubble.
  • Upsized skip bags are also available that can hold more than 1 ton and they can be used to hold bulkier items such as bathroom and kitchen accessories (sinks, kitchen counters), doors and large furniture items.

Both of these skip bag sizes come in flat-packing for convenient use.

Advantages of skip bags Dublin

There are some added advantages with using skip bags and we will try to put them here.

Use them at your Ease

If you call for a skip hire then you have to take care of the time because you have to make sure that you attend the skip lorry at the time that is provided to you be the company. With skip bags, that is not the case because they come in flat packing and you can store them until you find time to fill them up.

You won’t have to get a skip license

You should know that if you want to put a skip on some public space then you have to get a skip permit from your respective local council. By putting skip bins on the public space, not only will you breaching the law but you will become the source of inconvenience for other people.

With skip bags Dublin you don’t have to go through all of this because you can store those skip bags within your property where it can be easily accessible to collect from skip hire services.

Skip Bags can hold the same amount of waste as Skip Bins

Many people think that skip bags can’t hold more rubble than skip bins and that is why they don’t even consider the option of using skip bags. As we mentioned earlier, skip bags can hold up to 1.5 tons of wastage and rubble and they also come cheap if you compare them with traditional skip beans.

For Properties with Difficult Access

Using skip bags Dublin instead of traditional skip is the best option for the removal of your home waste if your property doesn’t allow easy access to skip loaders.

At the end of the day, the goal of skip services is to get rid of the rubble and waste from your property and you can do it easily with the help of skip bags.

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