Here’s a tip, hire a skip!

If you are a construction company or a housing community that gets a lot of waste due to building material then hiring a skip or two is the best decision that you will ever make. There are many people that hire a skip in Dublin and they do it without any hesitance when they choose from Target skip. Skips or dumpsters as some people call them are essential to preventing pollution and are helpful in recycling the waste produced by the people.

hire a skip in Dublin

Here are some tips when you hire a skip:

  1. Do the homework

It’s imperative that you do your research when it comes to hiring a good and reputable skip for hire company such as ours at Target Skips. Many areas require a licence for a skip to be brought in and used so you also need to check with your local council if it will allow you to do so. Almost all of them do so you don’t have to worry and you need is a permit from them.  So if you happen to hire a skip, research early on so that you don’t get into any issues later. In almost all cases a road or highway permit is required.

  1. The 3 Rs

When it comes to preventing pollution there are the three golden nuggets of wisdom in eco-friendly world. Reduce, Reuse and recycle. Hiring a skip does all of that because all the waste and garbage is taken away from the neighborhood or construction site. This not only reduces the carbon imprint and recycling the products that are being disposed off. It’s also important  to sort your materials out before throwing them as it helps them be categorized and being efficiently disposed. Some materials like bricks and metal can be reused and that aids in preventing any bio hazards.

  1. Get the right size

Many people don’t hire the right size when it comes to hiring a skip. Ordering a really big one becomes a waste and ordering a smaller one is equally troubling because it just doesn’t get rid of the waste material that you want to dispose off. In that case you would end up having to order another one and that might cost you more than what you expected. So make a proper estimate and hire a skip accordingly.

  1. Timing and booking

You need to book a skip in advance so that there is no issue of unavailability. Many times during peak seasons such as Christmas or in summer, skip companies are booked, so if you are planning to do something that will require skips, it’s a good idea to book in advance.

  1. Time and weight restrictions

You should also know how much weight the material you will be loading on the skip because there are certain weight restrictions for every size. Also, there are timings for skips to be used so check with the local council for that bit as well when you hire a skip.

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